the janet ethos personal artist living document statement

Building a culture of empathy, equity, love, and peace is my baseline. Every day, I strive to bring about awareness and understanding through my actions. Maintaining thoughts of progress is key to manifesting progress. I allow myself to think freely, and when pessimistic entities enter my thoughts, I picture them dissipating into particles that reconstruct into positive happenings. Naivete is okay at times because without preconceptions anything can be realized, yet I’m not naïve to the ways of the world, and am ready for when naivete leads to disappointments. And with hope and tenacity, I continue to walk forward in creating works that lead from introspection. My works are public service announcements that air on each channel; works that pose a position, and ask a question from which individuals can ponder and follow-through. I believe that through collective empathetic actions, we can thrive to no one’s detriment. I believe that as an individual, we can impact many. I believe that artworks that educate, that help people wander, that signify openly, and welcome all to gather and gaze cathartically, are integral to guiding ourselves into spaces of liberation. I’m doin what I do, and that’s all I can do, so I’m doin the work to do my best, to strengthen and bless