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twas a moment


a traveling art show presented by artist Amanda Benefiel

Amanda Benefiel, Los Angeles artist, promotes artists helping artists throughout the Covid19 pandemic by prompting a traveling "exhibition" since there is a lack of available opportunities to exhibit work in-person. From one artist to the next, the exhibition travels. When it reaches the eighth artist, it is returned to Amanda, then the cycle restarts. Let's see where it takes us. I've sent this work to Johanne Rahaman, Florida artist. Where will it go next?

twas a moment
twas a momentjanet e. dandridge
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Twas a moment when I felt I couldn't let go. I was lingering in the lines of a space that ceased to exist, thinking that the next move would lead me even further astray. Subconsciously, I imagined love in a big room of familiar who eventually took a cab leaving me with photos of their smiles engraved in my dreams. The food that nourished me continued to be spilled onto the floor and I cried as I tried to replace it with the scars remaining. Twas a moment that gave me life and washed away the energy that had surrounded me. I was lifted into a trance of joy that rebirth of my conscious mind informing my subconscious to be steady and serene. I felt calm, enamored with existence as if honey was my skin. The sun beamed upon me and I nurtured the land. I was free. I could breathe. I basked in the meadow as the ocean sounds travelled thru me. I fell into deep meditation and lifted into the sky. A smile consumed my whole existence. Twas a moment in forever that moved me forward. 

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