©2020, janet e. dandridge


FLUIDITY is a workshop space created for artist(s) and public to discuss socio-political and socio-economic ideologies culminating in the creation of Artivism (fine art + activism).   Artivism maintains the aesthetic appeal of fine art while directly addressing social, political, and economic ideologies.  The FLUIDITY mantra is “Discourse. Assess. Strategize. Act. Repeat.”  Participants create artworks or art actions in response to the discussions during the FLUIDITY workshop.  That art is shared thru the FLUIDITY online database for worldwide review (check out the PROJECTS below).  If a person reviews art on the database that they are interested in creating with people in their respective locales, they can produce an iteration of that project as long as they share that project iteration on the FLUIDITY database as well. This creates ongoing discourse, exchange of ideas and actions, as well as education, development of productive communication skills, and global unity.  FLUIDITY elevates minds and spirits through the power of Artivism.