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International Institute of Artivism

FLUIDITY expands on experiential approaches to learning using Artivism (art + activism) as a catalyst. During FLUIDITY, you have time to discuss and ponder on creative techniques for activism. Your imagination is explored and challenged, the plasticity of your brain is strengthened, and the bond with fellow Beings forms a powerful network from which you will grow exponentially. FLUIDITY culminates in the creation of a collaborative art action that is implemented in a specific location, then shared online for folks to implement the same or similar art action in their city. We are all responsible for implementing solutions for justice and equality, and Artivism is one aspect of that multi-layered solution.

My mission with this on-going action is to help fellow citizens examine how they want to improve society, and be empowered to do so. FLUIDITY does this through a series of public actions/workshops/encounters in which participants use the mantra: “Discourse. Strategize. Act. Assess. Repeat.” Participants are prompted to listen to each other, utilize their imagination, create Artivism, and build long-term relationships with folks that they may not have interacted with outside of the workshop space. The underlying philosophy is that if you feel like something is adversely affecting you, your neighbors or a stranger, you can create an action to shift that dynamic. Select an image below to learn how FLUIDITY engaged groups in Paris, France and Columbus, Ohio. 

Interested in scheduling a FLUIDITY experience, contact me via


I participated in the FLUIDITY workshop with janet who was an excellent facilitator and guide. I enjoyed the variety of exercises, both theoretical and practical, designed to make me think about art, activism and the interplay between the two of them. The tools and techniques I learned through this workshop not only help me to be a better Artivist but are applicable in many other zones of my daily life as well. I highly, highly recommend this workshop!

- Sarah K.,

Pastry Chef and Instructor

Paris, France

This training helped to awaken my inner Activist and use my voice and platform to address pertinent issues like police brutality, environmental reform, and voting rights.  janet has a way of articulating complicated concepts to make them palatable for artisans and enthusiasts of all levels. 

Not only did I walk away with strong fundamental knowledge of Artivism, I have a clearer picture of what I can do to elevate, promote, and create political and social themed artwork that inspires difficult dialogues and long term change. 

- Adrian F.,

Business Owner

Washington, DC

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