Signage, iteration 2
In situ installation, Audio, Participatory
11 minutes and 57 seconds

Signage began in 2020 as an outdoor performance with musical accompaniment. Currently, I’m exploring the affects and effects of using voice and minimalist installation in an indoor setting to engage empathy, catharsis, and reflection. Signage looks at the complex relationship between the abused and the abuser, the oppressed and the oppressor, the outer self and the inner self. It speaks directly from the experience of a Black American woman whose body and mind has been exploited to the advantage of others, and how she manages the trauma while working to protect others from the same dehumanization. Through looking at oneself in the mirror while listening to another's voice speaking in first person point of view, I hope that empathy occurs, seeing yourself in that person’s position as if the voice is your own.

5 min snippet below, sound begins around 23 seconds. When listening, look at yourself in a mirror.