in memoriam
Gown (cotton) with 30 feet train and purple silkscreen images, Performance

in memoriam is a gown designed to share the faces of Black women and girls murdered or missing in South Los Angeles from 1982-2010. I wear the gown, taking walks in different cities, pulling the 30 feet train that symbolizes the nearly thirty-year span in which these heinous acts took place, to bring awareness to the ongoing trauma that the families of these women and girls continue to navigate. ​

Women and girls are human beings. Respect us. End misogyny, rape, sex-trafficking, and anything else that encourages the subjugation of women.

SUPPORT the Black Coalition Fighting Back Serial Murders, currently working to build the memorial, Rose South LA, in honor of these women and girls.

Lonnie Franklin, Jr., the person convicted and sentenced to death for several of these murders, rapes, sexual assaults and abductions in South Los Angeles, died in prison on March 28, 2020.  

Los Angeles activation
Washington, DC activation