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Pretty Little Girl

Performance, Installation
13 minutes 2 seconds
Collaboration with Jeisung Oh

Pretty Little Girl reflects on easily-accessible media like YouTube that perpetuates the objectification and sexualization of the female body.  With this work, I am striving to illustrate the conundrum that females, specifically the Black female, experience from the onset of living – one that makes women involuntarily Fetish material while you strive to practice self-love and agency. Understanding that even having conquered the demon of Fetish, the media associated with that demon still remain in the public purview, forcing the continuation of the ongoing arduous work of deflecting the stereotypes placed upon you, while maintaining your sanity.

Signifiers of this work are held in relation to womanism, feminism, blackness, and the fragility of mental health when constantly bombarded with notions of insufficiency.

Lyrics: Lady Butterflii a.k.a. Alethia J. Dandridge

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