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Life of a Cart
42 inches x 60 inches per image​
2008 – ongoing 

I became really fascinated with the amount of unattended/abandoned carts within the Los Angeles area.  Carts were disposed of everywhere - on freeways, in bushes, at bus stops, on the corner.  I began to converse with these carts - personifying them - wondering what makes people leave them in the most dangerous, inconspicuous and/or conspicuous places.  To date, I've photographed cart portraits in Los Angeles, Washington, DC, and Rosny-Sous-Bois, France.


The personification of carts is used as an indicator of a human being's character: where do you leave the grocery cart when you're done using it to transport your food?  How does this cart function within your daily life?  Do the markings on the cart indicate who they belong to, where they're going, or who they are?  

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