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in memoriam

Performance, Installation
Site-Specific running time
Snippet video from 2018 Washington, DC performance
2016 – ongoing

in memoriam illustrates the horrors of misogyny, inhumanity, and disregard of the Black female. I decided to create a gown to adorn my body with the images of women and girls who were murdered and/or missing between 1982-2010 in South Los Angeles.  This work initiates conversation about the ongoing trauma that the families of murdered females, survivors of abduction, rape, and sex-trafficking have experienced nationally and globally.  Solutions can only come about when we are aware of the social problem, when we change how we think, when females are seen as human beings with the natural rights to live their lives as they want, when females are not involuntarily objectified.

Through being a member of the Black Coalition Fighting Back Serial Murders, I was able to meet some of the family members of these women and girls in Los Angeles and I decided that I must use my creative techniques to assist in the worldwide action to end misogyny, rape, sex-trafficking, and anything else that encourages the subjugation of women.  

UPDATE: Lonnie Franklin, Jr., the person convicted and sentenced to death for several of those murders, rapes, sexual assaults and abductions, died in prison on March 28, 2020.  

Please support the Rose South LA memorial that is being designed to honor the women and girls.

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