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6 minutes 20 seconds
Filmmaker: Bocar Niang 

In this work, I had the pleasure of embodying the Griotte (‘female Griot’ in French).  Passing history onward is the essential role for the Griot, and as a Black woman born in America, I am grateful that within the culture of the African Diaspora, we understand the immeasurable value of providing knowledge to descendants, ensuring that we remember who we are.

G.E.T (les Griots en Transcription) is the second vignette in the series Le Griot du Futur by the Senegalese artist Bocar Niang.  In G.E.T., a Divine Feminine entity – a Griotte – shares the people’s story of Niang’s homeland of Senegal.  Niang – a Griot – and the Griotte narrate while imagery illustrates the battles and victories recollecting historical trauma and its connection to present society.

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