what is fluidity?

fluidity is an arts-centered educational experience culminating in the creation of Artivism. fluidity centers, amplifies, and uplifts the voices of the unheard and unseen using Artivism as the catalyst, harnessing the power of collective action. fluidity provides guiding principles and methodologies for individuals to create their own praxis, and a collective praxis, of civic engagement.

what is Artivism?

The word "Artivism" is a portmanteau that combines Arts and Activism. Artivism is an ideology that has its roots in the 1970s Chicano arts movement in San Diego, California. This movement used Arts as the vehicle for political justice, creative freedom, and social empowerment.

who does fluidity service?

fluidity is for individuals age 12+ who want to explore artistic activism for the betterment of themselves and society. fluidity provides services to individuals, groups, grassroots organizations, educators, arts practitioners, non-profits and other corporations.

what is fluidity’s impact?

fluidity educates the public on arts and activism campaigns that impact legislation and social interactions in global society. During fluidity workshops, participants learn foundational elements of art that are used to successfully create Artivism. Participants complete fluidity experiences with a deeper understanding of art, empathy, justice, and power. Participants gain insight and tactics on how to successfully strategize and implement Artivism that will have a long-lasting impact on social programs, human interaction, and governing legislation.

mission statement

To provide education on Artivism. To help individuals create collaborative Artivism that will support campaigns for social, political, and cultural betterment. To work using arts as a conduit for social activism and civic engagement.

vision statement

fluidity values the power of agency and collaborative action to produce effective collective cultural movements. fluidity collaborations are shared online to provide methods of civic engagement for anyone seeking inspiration and templates to practice Artivism.

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