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film chronicles (select images)
a collection of images over +20 year span

varying image sizes
1990s – present

I wander a lot.  Taking walks is therapy – full-body therapy.  And I’m always snapping photos as I stroll.  So, since I’ve been wandering for a long time now, I have a billion film images.  I have yet to share them, so I’ve decided to share them here, in doses – digitizing all of my 35mm film takes time.  I’m not gonna force the process, so as I digitize for a massive retrospective of my work (yes, I’m planning in advance), here’s some photography from my lifelong film chronicles.  Oh, and it goes to show you that I do photograph actual humans as well.

Film is grit and grind.  Film is sensitive.  Film is passionate.  Film puts you in the frame, and you become a part of that world.  Film is skin with all its beautiful imperfections.  Film is chemistry – a romance that will always be.

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