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in memoriam

September 2018

Acknowledging and remembering the Black women and girls murdered between 1982-2010 in South Los Angeles, California

Artist: janet e. dandridge

Website: in memoriam

Social Media Handle(s): @janetedandridge

Washington, DC

in memoriam is a multi-media work that was first performed and exhibited in Los Angeles, CA in 2016.  This work speaks to the consistent disregard of Black lives and of Black women and girls in particular.  For about 30 years, Black women and girls in South Los Angeles were murdered by at least three known serial murderers.  One in particular was found, arrested, and sentenced to death in 2016.  This particular serial murderer actually worked in the Police Garage of the Los Angeles Police Department for a few years while he committed these heinous acts of torture, rape, and murder.


The Washington, DC performance occurred at Dupont Circle in NW, DC during Art All Night DC 2018.