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Compliment Sandwich

Performance, Installation
Site-Specific running time
2019 – ongoing

As I walk through the streets of neighborhoods in different cities, we – pedestrians – seem to be unaware of each other, focused on our mission to get to where we need to be. Walking is rote, it is a form of transportation to accomplish a goal, taking nothing else into account but how to maneuver from place to place.

Compliment Sandwich aims to slow down that rote walk by providing a moment to stop, recognize and acknowledge one another.  Using children’s games as inspiration, large yellow circles give prompts for people to either receive or give a compliment to whomever is standing inside the circle. These projects unfold in high foot-traffic public and private spaces – sidewalks, parks, university centers, commercial centers, office lobies, and other similar spaces.

Compliment Sandwich asks pedestrians to take a moment, stop, and give love to a fellow Being.  Progress begins with progress within.

Installations and Activations have occurred in New York City and Washington, DC.  Below, you will find imagery from Compliment Sandwich installed and activated in Lower East Side Manhattan (NYC).  Currently, I am seeking funding and spaces to install permanent iterations of Compliment Sandwich using Thermoplastic paints and other durable materials.

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