in memoriam

As a space to remember and honor the black women and girls murdered for over 30 years in South Los Angeles, janet uses the gaze upon the black female body to incite viewers to action. 


This dress was created to offer discourse/solution-based dialogue on the serial murders of Black women and girls in South Los Angeles from 1982-2010; and on how the Los Angeles Police Department neglected to properly inform the community, referring to the victims as NHI (No Human Involved).


In the summer of 2016, the murderer, Lonnie Franklin Jr., was arrested, indicted and sentenced to death. 

The train on the dress is 30 feet long, with images of the women and girls adhered with deep purple ink silk-screen.

Art Direction - janet e. dandridge

Designer - Lady Dione

Silk-Screener - Al 

©2020, janet e. dandridge