©2020, janet e. dandridge

In Dreams: The Living Museum - Margaret Washington's Accidental Acceptance of Action

This performed dream sequence illustrates Margaret's subconscious call to action.  She meditates after and between the movement of selecting and tearing apart paper bags, and pushing them thru the wall of nails.  Margaret's dream/meditation lasts for an undisclosed period. 


In her dreams, she is nudged to take action against the monolith of the brown-paper-bag-test that continues to perpetuate skin-color prejudice (colorism).  The action of pulling apart paper bags and pushing them through a grid of nails indicates that Margaret is ready to change that which economically and socially marginalizes her.

The installation is site specific.  The iteration pictured below is 18 feet by 14 feet.

This work is part of continued vignettes based on Margaret Washington, a character who appears throughout janet's work.