Follow These Rules: Periodic Table of Beauty

This table was designed by The Colonial Group (TCG) to provide the necessary elements to becoming the standard of beauty.  To be certain that they cover all territories accurately, TCG specifies which countries/places utilize this system, so that any female can accurately correct her appearance to reside happily within the specific region based on the table.  In the table below, it is Africa, the Caribbean, and North America.   
Margaret Washington, a Beauty Consultant, 28 years young, was hired to present the necessity of the table to all audiences - having applied elements to perfect her own appearance.

The table is approximately 4 feet x 5 feet; the running time for the video is 8 minutes 39 seconds.

This work is part of continued vignettes based on the life of Margaret Washington, a character that appears throughout janet's work.

Art Direction - janet e. dandridge

Cinematographer, Editor - Shot by Protius

Make-up - Nzinga Kadalie

©2020, janet e. dandridge